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Celebrating Birthday at the Office

Celebrating Birthday at the Office, Charter Bus Rental New York

Celebrating Birthday at the Office

There were definitely possibly a minimum of a few people who watched The Office when Steve Carell performed the character of Michael Scott and happily blundered his way through his head management position at Dunder Mifflin. And if you witnessed the show, you probably keep in mind that painfully entertaining episode when they celebrated Meredith’s birthday. Don’t forget the card Michael gave her? “Let’s hope the only downsizing that turns out to you is that someone else downsizes your age.” Mmmmmmmk. That might be funny to watch on a TV episode, but that would be horrible in the real world. Here are some suggestions we hope you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for some better alternatives for celebrating employee birthdays at your office.

Stuff their voicemail. Get all of your employees to call and leave a voicemail on their private work line after they’ve gone home the day before. And instead of just saying the standard, “Happy Birthday,” have them share a favorite memory with that person. Maybe it’s the time they answered the phone with the wrong phrase because they were thinking of something else, or the laugh that was shared after a really awkward interview.

Give them five paid hours, for FREE! On the week that their birthday falls, let them come in an hour later than normal. Instead of having to be there at 8:00, let them come in at 9:00, but pay them for that extra hour anyway.

Decorate their desk area. This one might be more common or expected, but it never goes out of style. Streamers from the ceiling and a huge balloon bouquet waiting for them on their seat are a great welcome when they first arrive in the morning. Want to adopt more of a trickster vein? Hide a whoopee cushion. Get something that will spring out of their drawer when they open it. Send them on a birthday scavenger hunt all over the office to retrieve the stuff that’s missing from their desk drawers. And hey, it’s never a bad idea to create a HAPPY BIRTHDAY screensaver that will be the first thing they see when they turn their computer on in the morning.

Write it down. In at present’s world, people hardly ever take the time to produce something with a pen anymore. Normally our communications are over text or email, or we might send a simple e-card. Say that you respect by having everyone in the office write their birthday greetings down, and then find a fun way to compile the wishes.

Take a bite to eat. Learn what their favorite breakfast joint is, or the place they always select lunch. You can shut down the office and have everyone out to eat, or just request takeout and have everyone come to the break room to enjoy some downtime. Don’t fail to remember to order a cake, too.

Give a gift. As a final gesture, put together a gift. Get some of their favorite treats. Give them a gift certificate to the best local steak house. Get some movie tickets.

Have some fun. Everybody cooperates, but it isn’t very often that people reach disconnect from the norm and be familiar with each other a little more informally. Get a coach with us and take everyone for an activity: go bowling, mini golfing, to the movie, or just out to eat.

After that time you’re looking to celebrate birthdays in your office, we hope these concepts will help you prevent repeating something akin to Michael’s class act. And hey, we hope they offer some fun and laughter, too.

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