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Allow Us To Be The Wheels for Your Tour!

Wheels for Your Tour, Bus Rental New York

Allow Us To Be The Wheels for Your Tour!

If you’re a sightseeing tour operator, your work days likely consist of assisting individuals who are recreating, vacationing, and making meaningful memories. Though that sounds sweet on the surface, there’s a ton of behind-the-scene work that enters into it that might not be so amazing. We’re speaking about figuring out all the details of car rentals, places to stay, communicating with directors at the sites you’re going to visit to coordinate when your group can come, travel itineraries, lodgings for members in your group that have special concerns, food, and information that you can give the group regarding the various sites you’ll be seeing. In short … when you’re on the tour itself, you get to enjoy the experience and do what you love, but the details in the planning aren’t always the most fun.

We love partnering with tour operators to deal with the transportation entailed with their tour. Group transportation is what we focus on, together with aiming to always offer remarkable customer service and satisfaction. We understand that when you work with us, you are putting your business name alongside ours, and that guarantees that your credibility is on the line pertaining to the service that we provide. We know that your tour members likely won’t choose to travel with you again if they are unimpressed with that aspect of their experience if we don’t meet that standard.

When they ride with us, it’s important for us to make sure that our passengers are 100% satisfied with their experience. We can fit 57 passengers on a bus and have benefits for each rider intended for their comfort and convenience: personal reading lights and airflow control, a bathroom on board, power, WiFi, and entertainment alternatives via video screens and an A/V system. Combine these components with our friendly, professional drivers, and we think you won’t be disappointed!

We understand that every part of your tour needs to be top notch, and it needs to reflect the quality of experience you are planning to provide to your customers. We take pride in our company and in what we do, and understand that we can help make your tour the best out there. We absolutely can’t eliminate all of the difficulties of planning and the hum-drum part of arranging for a tour, but we can take the stress of coordinating the transportation off your plate. This is what we do best!

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