Offbeat Places in New Jersey: The Best Kept Secrets

Every once in a while we all need to head out and explore, whether we call it a small break or a much needed substance for the soul. Sometimes, it’s the little corners of heaven, tucked away off the beaten path that brings life back to us. New Jersey has hordes of them lined up to satiate the wanderlust in us, whether you are a visitor to the state or a local with a penchant to explore. One of them is the Women’s Federation Monument, a testament to the ingenuity and bravery of New Jersey Women's Federation and their efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the cliffs.

Take a Road Trip to Explore New Jersey at Its Finest

Travel and tourism industry experts have averred this is going to the year of all road trips. With gas prices going down to an all-time low, more Americans are heading out in their cars than ever before. Whether you live in New Jersey or just visiting the state, this is a good time as any to explore more about what the state has to offer. If you are not one for driving about for hours then don’t fret. You can enjoy road trips like everyone else, only in your case it will be more luxurious and more relaxing than the rest.

How Bus Charter Services Can Be Helpful For Your Trips

There are many reasons why chartering a bus is the ideal way to travel, many people enjoy chartering a bus to take them to all the scenic spots in the area while others will charter a bus for a family gathering. Flying is always an option but it does not lend itself to sightseeing, cars are great for sightseeing but the group must be small, for a larger group nothing beats chartering a bus.

Top Rated Places That Are A Must-See In New Jersey

New Jersey may be one of the smaller states in the Union, but that does not mean that it lacks in attractions that will thrill any visitor! The places you must see in New Jersey range from national parks to museums as well as sites with historical significance. A great place to start your trip is Atlantic City, the entertainment Mecca of the East!