With over 25 best destinations, good weather conditions, rich cultural heritage and ample opportunities to stay physically and mentally active, the United States is full of great locations to consider retiring in.

A recent survey shows that traveling has been the aspiration of more than 60% seniors in the world. Many of us can’t wait for retirement to do all the things we have been postponing while actively employed, and travel tops the list for most of us. This traveling instinct, stimulating the mind, body and soul, works as a boon for one’s mental and physical health, where seniors get multiple benefits from the mind-and-body workout of traveling.

Adventure Travel in Retirement Communities

Globally, there will be 1 billion people over the age of 60 by 2020, and over the next 50 years the proportion of people over 60 than under 15. Instead of buying a retirement home, seniors today are considering staying in retirement communities, the new extension to their families, to develop close social connections and friendships, while enjoying fun activities and trips with the community. People in charge of such senior communities also understand the benefits of activities that can keep the residents active and alert. Therefore, they frequently plan fun and educational trips to destinations the residents are most interested in. The best part of such trips is that anyone can participate, regardless of their physical capability or financial situation, says an expert at Panorama Bus Tours.

Mental Health Benefits of Traveling

It is a known fact that traveling is good for the mind, whether you are a youngster or a senior. When you navigate new cities, see new sights, explore museums, while having conversations with your friends during the journey, it flexes the mental muscles. This is especially beneficial for seniors, since it keeps their brains active and engaged. Traveling gives them the opportunity to reset their mind and body, where stress relief becomes the main outcome.

Physical Benefits to Seniors

Certain physical activities or challenges often accompany travel, which could be walking around a museum or the city, or even getting up and down from the chartered bus, you are likely to be more active when traveling than usual, says an article on Seniors Guide Online. The best part about these physical challenges is that it can keep seniors healthy and in shape, which is hard to achieve in old age. However, it is important to get a medical checkup before any such trip and not to go unless your doctor gives you the green light.