New York City, full of iconic buildings and landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the infamous Wall Street, is an ideal place for school trips. Student groups and scout troops, during their fun trip, can see a Broadway show, concert, museum exhibits and more, while also exploring the city with a bus charter tour or boat excursion, says an article published by

Here's a look at the benefits field trips provide in a child's education.

Promotes Interactive Learning

Unlike the traditional classroom-based education system, field trips allow students to interact with the things they are learning about. It allows them to participate in activities, which goes beyond reading about a concept. Research has revealed that facts and elements stick in our mind better when we see them with our own eyes rather than simply reading about them. The same is true for children's education. Unlike passive learning where students have to cram facts and figures, students who are invited to actively participate in the process do much better academically, according to Scholastic.

Excellent Source of Entertainment & Fun

Field trips, a great combination of education and fun, actually become an opportunity for kids to take a day out from their mundane school routine. They will be able to express, laugh and talk as they like. This refreshing change further helps them focus more in the classroom after the trip.

Opportunity for Social Interaction

During a field trip, children are in a totally different social environment. These interactions work well in teaching them how to behave and interact in a social setting, while fostering a sense of teamwork and community amongst the students.

Cost Effective Way to Gain New Experiences

Sadly, not all parents are able to take their kids to zoos, museums and other destinations due to lack of time and money constraints. Field trips become a cost effective solution where the per-student cost is much lower since it is a collaborative effort by the school, which also contributes to the trip. Everyone has the same goal of helping children see new locations and have an educational experience at the same time.

While traveling with a large group, it is also important for authority figures, such as teachers, to keep an eye on the students to ensure their well-being. This is where bus charters can be useful, making the whole trip a lot more fun, while keeping everyone together, according to Panorama Bus Tours.